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Founded in 1999, Toshiba Carrier Corporation (TCC) is a global joint venture between two established and innovative companies whose legacy of pioneering technologies serves as the foundation for business today. Hisashige Tanaka and Ichisuke Fujioka are Toshiba's founders and renowned inventors in Japanese history while Willis Carrier, the founder of Carrier, invented modern air conditioning in 1902. Through this alliance, TCC is able to leverage on Toshiba's technological and manufacturing expertise of inverter-based products, while Carrier leverages its global reach to distribute these products outside of Japan.

Toshiba Carrier has been a dominant player in Japan's technological innovations, and continues to invent and introduce groundbreaking products and services into the global market. Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into commercial and residential air conditioning systems in 1981, and continues to have major influences as the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of air-conditioning equipment and services today. Toshiba delivers innovative solutions that contribute towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

Committed to people, committed to the future; we make and do things that lead to a better world. A planet that is safer and cleaner. A society that is both sustainable and dynamic. A life that is comfortable as it is exciting. That is the future we believe in. We see its possibilities, and work every day to deliver answers that will bring on a brilliant new day. By combining the power of invention with our expertise and desire for a better world, we imagine things that have never been – and make them a reality.

  • Toshiba Air Conditioning milestone:
  • 1961 World's First Split Type Air Conditioning.
  • 1968 Japan's First Rotary Compressor.
  • 1978 World's First Microprocessor Controlled Air Conditioners.
  • 1980 World's First Inverter Custom Air Conditioning.
  • 1981 World's First Residential Inverter Room Air Conditioning.
  • 1988 World's First Twin Rotary Compressor.
  • 1993 World's First Digital Twin Rotary Air Conditioning and Compressor.
  • 1998 Japan's First R410A (eco-friendly) non-ozone depleting refrigerant based residential air conditioners.
  • 1999 Launch of sSplit-system Units with environmentally friendly non-ozone depleting refrigerants.
  • 2000 First air conditioning control system with Internet access.
  • 2001 World's first R410a (eco-friendly) non-ozone depleting refrigerant based Light Commercial air conditioners.
  • 2003 Launch of high-efficiency split with indoor air purification system into the European market.
  • 2011 World's first voice controlled air conditioner in Japanese market.
  • 2018 Launched Super Modular Multi System-7 in Southeast Asian market.
  • 2019 Singapore's First 5-tick R32 low global warming potential Inverter Multi-Split Air Conditioner.

Toshiba delivers technology and products remarkable for their innovation and artistry – contributing to a safer, more comfortable, more productive life. We bring together the spirit of innovation with our passion and conviction to shape the future and help protect the global environment – our shared heritage. We foster close relationships, rooted in trust and respect, with our customers, business partners and communities around the world.

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