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Toshiba's Multi-Split system (iSMART) system solves the pressing issue of space constrains in Singapore by making outdoor units lightweight and compact, while enabling customers the flexibility to create their own desired comfort level. Thus, targeting right at the soft spot where flexible technology meets luxury grants Toshiba as the epitome of advanced cleaning, design compact, cost savings, and ultimate comfort.


Toshiba Multi-Split system gives you the flexibility to choose from an efficient selection of interior units for up to five rooms to create your desired comfort level.

Small Unit - Big Advantages

The reduction of exterior units to just one compact and lightweight outdoor unit not only saves space but also significantly reduces unwanted noise.

Outdoor Unit
System 3 Rooms Multi 4 Rooms Multi 5 Rooms Multi
Model (Outdoor Unit) RAS-3M24S3ACV-SG RAS-4M26S3ACV-SG RAS-5M28S3ACV-SG
Capacity: Rated (Min - Max) / kW 5.2(2.4~7.0) 7.5(4.2~10.0) 7.9(3.7~11.5)
NEA Tick Rating 4√√√√ 4√√√√ 4√√√√
Refrigerant Type R 410A R 410A R 410A
Outdoor unit Dimensions, HxWxD / mm 630x800x300 890x900x320 890x900x320
Indoor Unit: HiWall type
Model: High Wall (Indoor Unit) RAS-M10SKCV RAS-M13SKCV RAS-M16SKCV RAS-M22SKCV RAS-M24SKCV
Capacity: Rated (Min - Max) / kW 2.7(1.4-3.2) 3.7(1.4-4.4) 4.5(1.4-5.0) 6.0(2.4-6.8) 7.1(2.4-7.2)
Indoor unit Dimensions, HxWxD / mm 275x790x205 275x790x205 275x790x205 320x1050x228 320x1050x228
Indoor Unit: Duct type
Model: Duct (Indoor Unit) RAS-M10SDCV RAS-M13SDCV RAS-M16SDCV RAS-M22SDCV
Capacity: Rated (Min - Max) / kW 2.7(1.4-3.2) 3.7(1.4-4.4) 4.5(1.4-5.0) 6.0(2.4-6.8)
Indoor unit Dimensions, HxWxD / mm 230x750x440 230x750x440 230x750x440 230x900x440

Condition (Cool):    Indoor Air Temperature 27°C DB, 19°C WB

Outdoor Air Temperature 35°C DB, 24°C WB

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