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Toshiba was the first company to incorporate inverter technology into air conditioning systems in 1981. The development of the new and exclusive DC Hybrid Inverter system has reaffirmed this ability to innovate while caring for future generations. Developed for both residential and commercial usage, Toshiba’s single-split inverter systems harness advanced technologies that provides you with the best of both worlds with superior control and cost efficiency, delivering environmentally-friendly comfort at every occasion.

Efficient performance

Toshiba DC Hybrid Inverter technology has a unique hybrid design – Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) – the former activates the compressor at maximum power for fast cooling, while the latter maintains the desired room temperature and energy efficiency.

Energy saving

Compared to AC Fixed speed compressors, DC Inverter compressor provides superior control and power savings of up to 50%.


The Toshiba DC Twin Rotary compressor ensures steady mechanical rotation to provide quiet operations.

Environmentally sustainable

The use of R-410a refrigerant safeguards our environment, with properties that are non-ozone depleting, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

System Single Split
Model (Indoor Unit) RAS-10N3KCV-SG RAS-13N3KCV-SG RAS-18N3KCV RAS-22N3KCV RAS-24N3KCV
Model (Outhoor Unit) RAS-10N3ACV-SG RAS-13N3ACV-SG RAS-18N3ACV RAS-22N3ACV RAS-24N3ACV
Cooling capacity / kW 2.40(0.77-3.50) 3.40(0.92-4.10) 5.00(1.10-6.00) 5.80(1.20-6.50) 6.50(1.50-7.70)
NEA Tick Rating 4√√√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√ 2√√
Refrigerant R410a R410a R410a R410a R410a
Indoor unit Dimensions, HxWxD / mm 293x798x230 293x798x230 320x1050x243 320x1050x243 320x1050x243
Outdoor unit Dimensions, HxWxD / mm 550x780x290 550x780x290 550x780x290 550x780x290 890x900x320

Condition (Cool):    Indoor Air Temperature 27°C DB, 19°C WB

Outdoor Air Temperature 35°C DB, 24°C WB

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